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Welcome to the Alberta’s Tomorrow Project (ATP) Research Portal and Website.

ATP launched in 2001 and is the largest health research cohort study in Western Canada, following the health of 55,000 men and women for 50 years. ATP’s aim is to provide a platform that supports the etiological study of cancer and other chronic diseases by gathering longitudinal health and lifestyle data, biosamples, and linkage administrative healthcare data.

So far, ATP has had 950,000+ questionnaires completed by participants, 30,000+ biosamples collected, and houses two-million points of data.

Additionally, ATP is one of seven regional cohorts that comprise Canada’s largest population health study, the Canadian Partnership for Tomorrow’s Health (CanPath).

The overall goal of ATP is to support research that will advance knowledge in the area of cancer and chronic disease etiology, to inform the development of more effective risk reduction strategies in the future.