Demographics Data Dictionary

These variables provide geographic, health and age related characteristics on each participant at baseline.



30 - 72

Age Range

2000 - 2015

Collection Period


Provided Biospecimen
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Survey Variables by Section

Var ID Var Name Label Description Type Valid Values Unit
7968 BLINE_AGE_AT_BASELINE Participants Age at Baseline How old the participant was at baseline Number (Decimal) Range 35+ years
12440 BLINE_PCTF_CLASS PCTF Urban or Rural Classifcation Urban or Rural classification for Local Geography Boundaries at Baseline. This variable was sourced from the Alberta Postal Code Translation File and was created by examining population densities and travel times to a variety of health services. Text OUTSIDE ALBERTA,RURAL,RURAL CENTRE AREA,RURAL REMOTE,METRO,MODERATE METRO INFLUENCE,URBAN,MODERATE URBAN INFLUENCE
5565 BLINE_RECRUIT_TYPE Recruit Type The recruit type of the participant Coded 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
15344 BLINE_RECRUIT_YEAR Recruitment Year Year of participant's recruitment Number (Integer) 2000-2015 year
Derived Code
12439 BLINE_RURAL_URBAN Rural or Urban Participant's residence: Rural or Urban location Coded 1, 2, 3
Derived Code
11957 PARTICIPANT_SEX Sex Participant's sex at baseline. Number (Integer) 0, 1
Var ID Var Name Label Description
Var ID Var Name Label Description